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Curly Larry & Mo


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No-one will need reminding that the PM's job is currently up for grabs. Speaking personally, it's a case of which of these three idiots do I want governing the country? Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is currently riding high a wave of approval following his alleged success in the first of the televised leader debates last week. As a result, he can currently be seen on any day of the week touring the nation's hot-spots and sink estates, carrying himself like something akin to Flava Flav. Such is the man's current souped-up confidence in his daft party and their confusing policies. The thought of Cameron taking the lead is just too frightening to contemplate. If there is indeed a god up there, he should look down on our battered little isle and intervene sometime soon. We've suffered enough I think.
Whilst I find the the whole topic of televised political contests like this depressing, I also realise that this is an historic election. Historic because, like the US of A has been doing for decades, we are now truly entering a future where many people will be responding to how a politician looks and sounds, as opposed to what he's actually saying.
Interestingly though, Cleggy's past isn't totally devoid of colourful anecdotes. The public school take on the concept of newspaper-delivery is a novel one it must be said.

RIP Malcolm McLaren


Saddened to hear of the death of Malcolm McLaren today at the age of 64 from cancer. Saying that, I spent most of the day blissfully unaware of this fact, which is the downside of not leaving the house or turning the TV on all day. I was always entertained by McLaren's eternal art-school provocateur persona, and as a Pop culture commentator there were few to rival him, certainly in his own generation. His modus operandi was the Shock of the New - a rare trait in the field of popular music at any given time, especially now.
Today is also the sixteenth anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain. For some reason, Nirvana grabbed my attention most when they released the MTV Unplugged album. Some of the songs in that set took on a rawness that was less evident in the original recordings. My favourite is posted up yonder.

Easter y'all


Once again I find myself in the midst of that annual moveable feast known as Easter. I've never fully grasped the true significance of this holy festival, but like any 8 year-old, am fully aware that it's twin-symbols are Jesus (in returning from the grave mode) and ... er, rabbits. I hereby confess to a lifelong confusion where the aforementioned are concerned, but can confidently report that this has now changed.
Yes indeed, a few hours ago I actually looked it up. In a nutshell, those pesky Christians done stole the whole shebang from them there Pagans who, incidentally, made a lot of sense in my book, worshipping nature an' all. Not the sacrificing people part you understand, just the hello trees hello sky bits.
I have spent much of the past 72 hours in
sonic pyjamas watching Easter-themed satellite TV whilst attempting to eat my own weight in chocolate and associated confectionary. I'm almost there where the latter is concerned, but apparently this is an 8-day thing so there's plenty of time yet. For now though I can firmly state that Max Von Sydow is Jesus Christ sent down to us in cinematic form, and for now that will suffice.
Happy Eostre bunnies everywhere.

Election Season


G'day my people. Yes, it's General Election season here in Cruel Britannia. For many of us, the downside of this is having Conservative Party leader David Cameron's eminently punchable face earnestly beaming out at us from billboards or TV screens. Speaking of which, here he is getting very confused during a recent interview with the Gay Times. Clearly he should have written his speech down beforehand for that one.
Of course, the problem facing voters nowadays is that it's difficult to tell the difference between the Conservative and (New) Labour parties at all. I'm no advocate of either, but it's frightening to consider just how many disillusioned Labour voters may see the way forward as being via putting a cross next to this idiot's party in the privacy of the polling booth, come the May election.
Remember his Hug A Hoodie campaign of a few years back? He for one hopes you can't.
I can only imagine that Cameron & Co are banking on much of their support coming from that section of UK voters who are too young to remember what a cess-pit their party turned the UK into during the years 1979-97.

Cocaine Cowboys


Last weekend I caught the documentary Cocaine Cowboys on TV (UK readers look out for it on More4). It's essentially about how the cocaine trade shaped the city of Miami in the 70's and 80's. For anyone who, like I did, thinks they've watched or read everything about this area and era of organised crime, I heartily recommend this one.
The reality of the situation and the people involved was far more excessive, scarey, absurd and bloody than even the most pantomime telling of this particular tale could ever be - and I'm thinking specifically of Al Pacino in Scarface here.
You can get the general tone of the proceedings via the trailer up there, and some of the deleted scenes ... and of course kids, there is a moral here: Just Say No.

Northwest Passage


Yes indeed, today the sun doth shine down verily upon the North West corner of the UK. Sonic shorts and footwear are out of mothballs and I'll be giving good ol' Sonic BBQ2 a clean and shine pretty soon too.
Anyhoo, I've just been to hospital for a chat with the very surgeon who carried out this operation on my right knee, some eighteen months back. This was actually supposed to have taken place in March of last year, but for various reasons (including my name getting lost in the system) has happened one year late.
The upside of this hold-up is that my leg has now made a full recovery. In fact, it's in better shape than before my mishap of 2008, although I'd be wise to lay off the breakdancing for a while longer I think. Whatever the case, closure has been achieved on that one.
On another topic altogether, a few people have enquired as to the identity of the gent pictured in the previous post. Y'all can read about him here.
I shall now don some weather-appropriate attire and head off into town to bask in some pre-summer vibes. More later.

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